Park faster thanks to the cooperation of drivers

Thanks to TiPark you can check where you park the fastest and who will leave in a moment and free a parking space for you.

Users mark free parking spaces on the map and swap spaces on streets and parking lots.

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Park faster and earn

You can use TiPark to park without wasting time and to earn extra money.

Collect tips for marking free parking spaces


tips from drivers

  • Get paid for marking free parking spaces
  • Collect money in your wallet
  • Receive codes for Google Play and App Store
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Earn when you free up a parking space


spaces on the street

  • Earn money when you free up a parking space
  • Collect money in your wallet
  • Withdraw money to your Revolut account
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Find a parking space on the street - park faster


faster than others

  • Find a parking space quickly on the street
  • Save your time
  • Reward people for helping to park
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Professional drivers Small business

TiPark makes parking easier!

Until now, drivers who were looking for a parking space found it difficult to communicate with each other. They couldn't tell each other where to park. They wasted time driving around looking for a parking space, or looking to see who would vacate them.

To help drivers with parking, we have created the TiPark application, available for smartphones, that allows:

  • see on the map where someone has marked a free parking space on the street
  • see on the map where someone is about to release a parking space
  • check whether the marked parking space is paid or free
  • send to users’ requests for help in finding a parking space
  • mark free parking spaces on the map and collect tips from drivers
  • swap parking spaces for money
  • save your car's position on the map
  • send warnings to drivers who obstruct parking
  • send social notifications directly to selected drivers

We believe that thanks to the cooperation of drivers who help each other in finding a parking space, the streets will be less crowded and the parking spaces will be replaced.

App features

TiPark is a free application which combines social network features with the latest IT technologies. Drivers use their smart devices to mark (tag) free parking spaces on a map and tell other drivers when they are planning to vacate their current parking space.

Just top up your account and you can send tips to people who mark free parking spaces on the map and you can pay for the swapping of parking spaces on the street.

TiPark blue tag

Available space

The driver marked an empty spot on the map. Give thanks when you park there by sending a small tip, or delete the tag it if it's already occupied..

TiPark green tag

Free soon

The driver informs that he will be leaving soon and can give you this space for money. Book, because the place will be lost.

TiPark blue button

Mark free space

With the blue button, you add a marker on the map when you notice a free parking space on the street. You collect tips for it.

TiPark green button

Press before drive off

ZThe green button marks your position on the map and opens the parameters window for the time to departure and the price for the swap. You earn money on the swap.

TiPark my car tag

Car’s location

In your profile, you will permanently add a badge with the last location of the vehicle on the map. The stamp changes place when the button is pressed in a different location.

TiPark orange button

Requesting help

This feature notifies drivers in your area that you are looking for a parking space. Respond when you receive such a request.

Find a car park or inform about a parking space being vacated - TiPark
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How TiPark works

TiPark blue tags

Mark free spaces on the map and collect tips

Thanks to TiPark, you can collect tips from drivers who you will help to park by marking free parking spaces on the map.

  • Open TiPark
  • Add a blue tag on the map to indicate an available parking space
  • Wait to receive a tip from the driver who will park in this space

The more parking spaces you mark on the map, the more money you will receive. You can also mark available parking spaces which you notice while walking, cycling, or as a passenger in someone else’s car or bus.

You can withdraw the collected money to your Revolut account or receive as gift codes for Google Play and Apple App Store.

Tip for indicating a free space

Tip for indicating a free space

Thanks to TiPark, you can repay for help in finding a parking space.

Always give a tip when you park in a parking space marked with a blue marker .

In this way, you will thank the person who marked it and encourage them to continue their activity. This is not much compared to the price for the time you save looking for a parking space.

Currently, TiPark does not charge any commission, so the entire amount goes to the recipient.

Let others know that you are leaving soon and earn extra money

Let others know that you are leaving soon and earn extra money

Thanks to TiPark, you can inform other drivers that in a moment you will free up a parking space and that you can hand on it for them for money

  • Open TiPark before you drive off
  • Add a marker for your position and set the amount and time until departure
  • Wait for a booking and then for the driver who has made it
  • Receive money easily via the app

Thanks to TiPark drivers can swap parking spaces. The Parker is the driver looking for a parking space. He can get it from the Hoster, that is the driver who is about to drive off soon.

If only twice a day a Hoster holds a parking space for someone for an amount of $ 2, he/she can earn up to $ 1460 per year.

The money which a Parker receives from Hosters must be declared at the end of the year in the Parker’s personal income tax return.

Rent your private parking space by the hour and earn money

Rent your private parking space by the hour and earn money

Thanks to TiPark, you can earn money by renting your private parking space.

  • Add a green check mark on the map and set the amount for the booking
  • Check the [Private] option
  • Wait for the driver and arrange the rental conditions with him personally

Thanks to TiPark, your unused parking space can become a source of additional money.

Remember to show the money earned in this way in the annual tax report.

TiPark - Pay someone for parking space information

Pay someone for parking space information

Thanks to TiPark, you can see who is about to vacate a parking space on the street and is willing to hand on it for you for money.

Maybe you are in a hurry, struggling to make it on time to your appointment but there's nowhere to park because and all the spaces are occupied? Would you like to know who is going to drive off shortly and give their parking space to you?

Thanks to TiPark you can swap parking spaces with other drivers. The map will show you who is about to drive off and is prepared to hand on the parking space for you in exchange for a small tip. Make a booking because when the driver leaves, the parking space will be lost.

When you are really in a hurry, you can reserve a space from the driver who will free it in a moment. Each driver independently decides when he will depart. You must pay the driver just before the swap.

Search parking - application TiPark

Ask to be shown an available parking space

Thanks to TiPark you can use the help of the drivers’ community and ask them to indicate to you an available parking space or swap space with them.

With the Park app, you can automatically notify people in your immediate vicinity asking them to mark available parking spaces on the map or to mark locations of their cars before they drive off.

  • Open TiPark
  • Press the orange ( P ) button on the main screen
  • Watch the map for the new tags to appear

You can send one notification every 5 minutes. Remember to tip the driver who has tagged the parking space which you will be taking.

Remember your car’s location

Remember your car’s location

Thanks to TiPark you are able to faster locate your own car.

You can use TiPark to remember the position of your car on the map. Go to your profile and under “your cars” tag find a button to add the marker to the map.

This feature will come in handy when you park a little further away, in an unfamiliar place, or when you leave your car in a large parking lot.

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TiPark and Revolut.

Revolut - withdrawals from TiPark without commission

TiPark recommends Revolut payments

Create a free Revolut account and receive payouts from TiPark without commission.

Revolut is an international payment system that offers free currency accounts and card payments with no commission.

Topping up the TiPark account is carried out through the payment card handling mechanism provided by the Revolut system.

Users can withdraw money from the TiPark wallet directly to their Revolut account without any commission.

Click and create a Revolut account. Please enter your phone number. In return, you will receive a link to download the free app.

Drivers' opinions

See what some drivers say about TiPark.
We always take care of data security, therefore their original personal data have been concealed.


At TiPark we care about your safety

TiPark parking search app - only with smartphone holder

Always use a smartphone holder

Thanks to the large buttons, it is easy to use the TiPark by placing the smartphone on the car's dashboard

To use the application, it is necessary to run it on a mobile phone. We care about your safety, so remember to always use the smartphone holder while driving.

Holding the phone in hand is possible only when the car is parked.

Help others find a parking space

Do not block parking spaces

Be a kind driver to others and keep them in mind

Streets and parking spaces in cities are our common good. The idea behind TiPark is that drivers should help each other quickly find a parking space, therefore try to safely and quickly free up a parking space for another driver..

Parking spaces must not be blocked in any way.

Through TiPark, drivers can send warnings to those who behave erratically. A large number of warnings can block such an account.

Mark only safe parking spaces

Only mark safe parking spaces

Drivers want to park safely

Remember not to mark spaces that are prohibited, have an envelope drawn or are otherwise excluded from traffic. This can upset drivers.

A driver who often parks in a given area and is not satisfied with the markings may block the person marking dangerous spaces. Subsequent blockades may result in the deletion of such account.

Warning! If you think that any TiPark user is behaving inappropriately, please report it to us as soon as possible via the help page -> Helpdesk.

Keep your markers on the map up-to-date

Keep your markers on the map up-to-date

Delete a tag that is no longer valid

TiPark is based on information provided by the drivers themselves, so if you see on the map that the place marked with a blue marker is already occupied, remove the marker immediately using the "Already taken" button

Similarly, use the same button when the marker has been placed on a parking prohibition or in a pedestrian precinct.

You can also send a rebuke to the user who incorrectly marks free spaces. Go to his profile and press the "Rebuke" button.

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Valuable tips

Earn more with TiPark

Add free parking spaces and earn with TiPark

Add more blue tags

Observe the streets and parking lots from your home, office and bus windows.

Each tag is a greater chance for extra money from tips from drivers, so mark all the free spots that you see on the map. TiPark will automatically remind drivers to tip you as soon as they park there.

There are no limits to the number of tags added in TiPark. You can mark any space that can be used to park any car.

Inform in advance of a vacant parking space

Add green tags in advance

Add a new marker on the TiPark map before you start walking to your car

If you are going to leave home, work or shop, you can inform TiPark drivers in advance that you will soon free a parking space for them. Thanks to this, they will be able to book faster, you will take care of your own safety and you will earn faster by swapping the parking space.

  • Open TiPark before you leave
  • Add a tag on the map and input the time until your departure
  • Wait for a booking
  • Swap the parking space with a driver waiting for you

Add the tag in advance and the driver who has made the booking will be already waiting for you when you approach your car

If you are already in your car, add the tag to the map and spend the waiting time by browsing Internet or viewing TiPark notifications.

Information on the parking space to be vacated

Leave a blue tag behind

Add a marker when your free up space and collect tips

If you need to drive away quickly but you could use some extra money, just tag the location of the parking space which you are just about to vacate.

  • Open TiPark before departure
  • Add a blue tag to the map
  • Drive of

Thanks to your help, other drivers will know about this parking space becoming available and will be able to tip you.

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Frequent questions and answers

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about TiPark.

For business

We help increase your income

Mark free parking spaces and earn money

Taxi drivers, couriers and suppliers

Thanks to TiPark, professional drivers can earn extra money

If driving is part of your job, you can use TiPark to earn extra money.

  • Mark free parking spaces that you will notice on the street and collect tips from other drivers
  • Are you parked for a while and you know that you are about to leave? Add a marker and trade the place for money

TiPark can run in the background of your smartphone and does not consume any energy, so you can recall it immediately and mark a free space. Large buttons facilitate operation.

Inform your customers about free parking

Attract customers to your door

Thanks to TiPark, you can help your customers park faster and get new ones

  • Create an account in the application and set your company or activity in the name.
  • Mark free parking spaces nearby

Your customers will reach you faster and new potentials will have contact with your brand.

In addition, drivers satisfied with your help can give you a tip. If the rotation of parking spaces in front of your premises is high, it can be a significant income for you.

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We combine modern technologies and usability

TiPark na ulicy

Parking sensors & IoT

Thanks to TiPark, it is possible to present information from parking sensors and intelligent devices.

The TiPark system has ready-to-use solutions to integrate with the sensors installed in car parks, as well as with image processing and parking data analysis systems. The TiPark API is ready to be connected with both hardware and software providers.

The TiPark mechanism is built on a proprietary communication protocol based on atomic operations and can handle millions of connections in real time. Data collected from intelligent devices are presented on the map similarly to data provided organically by the drivers themselves.

ZWe invite manufacturers who would like to use the TiPark system and its potential to develop their own sensor business to cooperate with us.

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